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I did my medical training in a Nordic country

Are you already a member in another Nordic country?
If you are a member of a medical association in another Nordic country, you have access to a limited selection of our member services and guidance for up to three months, without applying for a membership.

If you plan to work in Denmark for more than six months, join the Danish Medical Association now and get access to all the member benefits straight away - such as the free liability insurance.

All doctors who did their medical training outside Denmark (including those from the Nordic countries) must have a Danish authorisation in order to practise medicine in Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands.

If you have finished Allemantjanstgoring/AT (Sweden), allemanutbildning (Finland), Turnustjanstgoring (Norway) or allmanutbildning (Iceland), you automatically receive an authorisation to practise medicine by the Danish Patient Safety Authority. 

You apply for authorisation via the Danish Patient Safety Authority. Read more and apply here