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Keep your medical skills up to date

The medical profession is always evolving. Therefore, it is important that you keep your medical skills as well as your ability to communicate with patients and colleagues up to date. 
Here are a few ideas on what you can do.

Keep your professional skills up to date

  • Read articles in medical journals and participate in online courses for doctors. You may want to try a mooc (Massive Open Online Courses).
  • Read the Danish Medical Association’s journal, Ugeskrift for Læger. It contains both news and scientific articles from the Danish medical world. 
  • Follow the political work of the Danish Medical Association on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Apply for a trainee position

While you learn Danish and wait for your authorisation to be approved, you can apply for a trainee position. It is possible to get a trainee position at a hospital or with a local medical practice. In order to seek a trainee position, you must have a residence permit. Please note, that you CANNOT work as a doctor, and you must wear a name tag saying you are a doctor trainee (’Praktikant for Læge’).
Your municipality (kommune) knows the different kinds of trainee positions and how to combine learning Danish while having an internship. It is a good idea if you, your language school and the hospital/medical practice that offers you a trainee position set up a learning and development plan.

There are two possibilities for trainee positions:

  1. Trainee at workplaces – an introduction to the Danish labor market. Normally, you can obtain an unpaid trainee position ’Praktikant som læge’ for 13 weeks. This period may be extended.
  2. Trainee with subsidies (very rare for medical doctors)
    You can apply for a trainee position with subsidies as a doctor trainee ’Praktikant for læge’ at your local hospital or local medical practice. If you obtain such a trainee position, you must have a letter of or contract of employment from the workplace. Please note, that your trainee position is not as a doctor, and that you cannot carry out other professions' professional tasks.